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Slide Namaste,
welcome to my
live-yoga class

In case you don’t know me

Hi, I’m Ana.
I was born in Indonesia, but basically lived in very different countries, before I met my husband and finally settled down in Frankfurt.
There I have been working as a yoga instructor for Seveneleven the last couple of years.

Here a few facts about me:

I am a E-RYT 500hr certified teacher with more than 3,000 teaching hours.
I studied at Kavalyadham Yoga Institute in Pune India and at the Yoga Alliance.
I am certified in Hatha,Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

Learn even more about Ana

Ana has spent 8 years teaching students 1:1 and leading groups in classes. She also has been Head Teacher of Platinum Yoga Singapore once. Having lived in many different countries she’s been enabled to see the world and people in a wide spectrum.

Her classes are designed to bring awareness to the breath, body and movement. Of course always respecting the abilities and safety of one’s own physical form, alignment and structure. Ana has a special focus on teaching trauma sensitive classes, new beginners students and also mentors students, who want to choose their path in a yoga teaching – a topic about which she is deeply passionate and to which she dedicates the rest of her teaching journey.

Her core principles for yoga is „Yoga for Everyone“ and „Unbiased Community“. She does her work not only on the surface, but allowing a space to listen and embrace the spirit within. There is also a great emphasis on honouring the yoga practice and the differences between each individual path. Ana’s journey started when she was working in the fitness industry in the operations department. There is unsettling underlines when she watched people doing their physical workout without having awareness of their mind and body.

Her restlessness led her to the practice of Asana & Pranayama. In 2013 she travelled to India to train in Pune. 3 months of intense ashram life opened the gateways to her self-discovery and healing. Today she hopes to inspire her students to take part in their own journey of self study.
She has developed a teaching style which can be described as light spoken, but powerful and optional in poses. She’s popular with her students for her sarcastic jokes, serious teaching, but also for a relaxed, open and individual way to approach them or simply sometimes sharing a friendly hug.