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Slide and the way you could transform your analogue
service into a digital business.

Why can some continue to work, while others have had to close?

The digital extension decides.

The COVID 19 crisis has shown us in the past few weeks how important digitization is for the survival of many companies.

While some were able to continue the business seamlessly in their home offices, others had to close overnight. The reason for this: until now, these companies have no digital expansion of their offer.

Our mission is now to help these companies to offer their services online in order to a) continue to be able to exist further on, even in times of contact restriction and b) increase their visibility on the internet, because this has also become a survival factor for local businesses.
If you don’t get found, you won’t get booked!

What do we mean by digitalization?

A website, a social media account,… it’s all important, however:
How have these tools helped you offer your service online so far?

We therefore focus on the following points:

Online appointment booking
You determine the times when you are available for your customers and
they can book your lessons / coaching / training directly online.

Customize your service as an online live stream format
We help you to adapt your personal offer so far,
that your customers can also accept it digitally.

hassle free handling

We take care of the plattform, the setup of your live Stream Tool and
of course make it possible, that your customers can pay your classes
upfront via paypal or credit card.

So you have more time to focus on your job, or on your family! Easy isn’t it?

This will change your business

Staying Home, your customers have also experienced the convenient sides of digital services. Thanks to remote solutions, many of them did not longer have to drive to the office. Doctors would be available to speak online. And despite the fact they work a fulltime job and have to take care of the kids, they could even make it to the yoga class on time, because all they need to do now is picking up their smartphone.

See the example of „Ana’s Live Yoga Class“. This is how your profile page at Digitalkiez could look like.

With „Ana’s Live Yoga Class“ Ana, Yoga teacher from Frankfurt, not only manages to reach her local customers, but also to gain new ones regardless of their location. Live Stream Services are becoming the third digital Asset next to the website and a social media account of every business which recognizes the needs of its customers early enough.

The good thing about Digitalkiez: Frankly speaking, you don’t even need your own website. Because as partner you receive an individualized profile page on On top: Every partner benefits from the visibility and traffic of a growing community.


The right solution for every need

Coaches, trainers, teachers – they all have something in common:
Most of their work is done through communication.

All of these services can easily be offered digitally through small process adjustments. Whether for a personal trainer, yoga guru or business coach, sole proprietorship, agency or corporate; we always offer the right solution. See which solution suits best to you.

It is a great opportunity

be a pioneer for your company and differentiate yourself with this service

We have the knowledge and the platform to offer your personal service in a digital way almost overnight. Thanks to this platform, your customers can benefit from your offer even in times of contact restrictions and beyond. With us in the background, who master the marketing and technology behind it, you can continue on focussing on your core business.

Our consultancy is free of charge – Now it’s up to you!


Ideal for sole traders with a fire in their eyes


No fixed costs. You only pay 30%

You have no fixed costs.
You get 70% of ticket sales. 30% goes to us. Sounds fair, doesn't it?

You get:

• Own micro website
• Space for video content
• Contact form
• Booking tool for your live offer
• Unlimited 1: 1 live sessions
• Group live sessions up to 40 min

  • Micro-Website + Live Streaming Account
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Ideal for established companies with digital foresight


net + VAT - Low monthly Fixed costs. No %!

For the price, your company receives:

• Own landing page, linked
with your company website
• Space for video content
• Space for video archive
• Download function for participants
• Contact form
• Booking tool for your live offer
• Unlimited 1: 1 live sessions
• Unlimited groups live sessions
• Own online shop with up to 50 products

  • Micro Landingpage + Streaming Pro-Account + Verkaufsplattform
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Busy Bees

Ideal für Unternehmen mit starken Strukturen


Free individual advice

Maßgeschneiderte White Label-Lösung

• Beratung der digitalen Geschäftserweiterung
• Anpassung digitaler Schnittstellen
• Live-Streaming & Payment Anbindung
• Online Shop für mehr als 50 Produkte

  • Sämtliche Leistungen individuell angepasst
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